◑Let The World◐ Consume You
◑Let The World◐ Consume You

I know that life has beaten you hard,
Broke most of your bones,
And knocked the air out of every inch of your lung.
I know it all.
I know how you went through it all
Blood and tears,
Sweat and pain.
When nights didn’t want to pass
And days were too long to handle.

Now, you are here, still fighting.
The fight is not over yet,It never will be but it can calm down a bit.
You don’t have to fight alone anymore.

I want hug every broken piece of you until it is the nearest it can get to new. Kiss every scar left on your skin and carved on your ribs. I want to discover the ruins of your soul and see the ghosts wandering around.

But lips like mine will burn your skin, And my hands aren’t wide enough to hug all your broken pieces. But i will try my best. I will stretch my arms a bit more, i will kiss you with morphine on my lips so the pain would go away. I will try to scare the ghosts away, for i myself have my own.

Me (via perks-of-being-egyptian)
"The nerves in my fingertips used to tingle when they traced your tender skin and I can still feel it. It still vibrates my entire being and I still love you."
Things I’ll never get to tell you #1
j.g. (via arsp0etica)
"Do not let something
(or someone)
hurt you so bad that
you can’t even perform your best anymore."
L.H (via multiple-stuff)
"This world is so against young relationships. It tries its best to tear them down and to use statistics to prove how they wont work. When in reality, relationships that start young are the great ones. Finding someone while you are mutually maturing in your youth and being able to grow up with them; therefor learn with them. You get to see how unintelligence turns into wisdom. How nervousness turns into pure confidence. Growing up with a person is the base to a relationship and if you have that, there is a bond that will never be broken. A trust that is so much harder to be lost. Of course every relationship will go through its struggles and at the young age they wont experience the same as older couples, but they go through maturing lessons together. While they can both learn and teach each other the way to love and have fun. Instead of two people meeting and having to try and join their unknown knowledge together. Go find someone young, tell them you want to grow up with them, love with them, and learn with them."
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"You are a fire of a girl
with a mind of gold
and a heart that was sold
when your insides
turned to ash.
You don’t feel like home —
you are three am rooftops
and cracked sidewalks
beneath bare feet.
You are black smoke
and tired eyes from
too many nights spent
filling your lungs
with the ocean in your chest
and calling it self-defense."
A Reminder To Myself // heartofthebitter-mindofapoet (via heartofthebitter-mindofapoet)
"And I think the worst
feeling of all is not pain
or suffering or grief
but really loneliness;
a poisonous mixture
of everything negative
that eats away at you
like acid until there’s
barely anything left of you."
m.l.b, loneliness kills (via traced-veins)

http://lost-seoul.tumblr.com on We Heart It.
"I grab onto the first thing that makes me feel like home. I guess that’s why my mind is stuck on you."
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"I remind myself I was lucky to have had any time with him at all…"
Never Let Me Go (2010)